Service & Maintenance

Maintenance You Can Trust

With a proven track record of more than 5,000 installations, Vidionics continues to draw on its years of knowledge and know-how.

For over three decades the company has built up a reputation for delivering some of the UK’s most innovative and pioneering security systems.

As we stand today the combined skills, experience and expertise of our team is unparalleled within the industry.

Backed by our technology partners we are ideally placed to provide intelligent solutions to protect your people, buildings and business. Working from small offices to the largest retail centre; from train stations to car plants; from underground car parks to the tallest office blocks.

We protect hotels, factories, banks and airports. The years of experience and specialist knowledge we have gained is now ready to work for you.

24 Hour Emergency Response

If a component of your security system fails for any reason, site security can be compromised or disruption may occur.

Since site security is of prime importance, Vidionics has a team of engineers on call 24 hours a day, all year round, and can attend site for emergencies in as little time as 4 hours.

Security System Provider Maintenance Service High Wycombe

Scheduled Maintenance - Peace of Mind

To ensure optimum performance and to ensure that site security is not compromised, your security systems should be regularly checked for any potential problems.

A scheduled maintenance programme carried out by trained engineers ensures that any potential problems are detected and resolved and that the site remains secure.

During each visit, our engineers will carry out checks on all aspects of your security system and will ensure that the system is operating at the required specification.

Security System Provider Maintenance Service High Wycombe

Minor Works

Our engineers can carry out additional works on your existing security solutions or install entirely new systems.

Service Spare Equipment

Where equipment needs repair or servicing and requires removal from the site, Vidionics will provide you with a free service spare until the original unit is back in action.

Rain or Shine

Our helpdesk is open 365 days a year. So no matter what day or time you call us – we can take your call and provide the agreed response.

To discuss how we can help you maintain optimum security on site.

Please call 01494 564568 or email [email protected].

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