Access Control

Monitor your entire organisation – from one central location

Access Control can be as flexible or as rigid as required, from allowing all employees access to all areas, simply monitoring their whereabouts, to a comprehensive system that can be adjusted, according to levels of security across employees and areas. Installing access control into your business environment is a cost-effective way of protecting your property, personnel and visitors.

Security System Provider Access Control High Wycombe
Security System Provider Access Control High Wycombe

Property Protection

Gallagher Security is an integrated security platform, eliminating the need for separate intruder alarm and perimeter security systems. Perimeter security and intruder alarms are quite often the first lines of defence. By including perimeter protection and detection measures in an integrated system, you are forming a layered defence approach.

Robust Encryption

The use of your IT infrastructure to communicate with remote devices makes it practical to have integrated security right across your organisation. We only use Cardax technology which utilises 40-bit SSL encryption, a standard similar to the technology used to secure internet banking transactions.

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