Our Company History

1973 Vidionics (then known as Movalarm) is the first company to introduce Video Motion Detection– before this operators had to view the screens continuously– extremely labour intensive.
1981 Vidionics hits the headlines when the video images of a man in Victoria Station was recorded putting something into a waste bin. This was the start of the attacks on London by the IRA.
1983 Vidionics launches a unique aftercare service program. This sets the company apart from its competitors – increasing the level of long-term partnerships with customers and strengthening the financial security of the business.
1990 Vidionics was selected by British Rail to provide £750000 of CCTV monitoring of train platforms. Later to become known as ‘Driver Only’ systems the technology allowed the driver of the train to view passengers getting on and off the trains.

Vidionics gains approval to British Standard BS 5750 (now ISO 9002).

Approved to latest British Standard BS EN ISO 9001:2000. Vidionics were one of the first in the security sector to gain the approval of the BSI.

1993 Vidionics celebrates 20 years in business and wins the famous Coca Cola contract in their prestigious new London office.
1995 Vidionics is awarded a 1.2 Million Pound contract by London Underground to provide CCTV to six train stations in London. The contract was part of a 100 Million pound scheme to tighten security in the capital.
1996 Vidionics was the first company to design and install a number plate recognition CCTV system for London. The contract, known as the ‘ring of steel’ recorded real-time images from cameras located around the city and the pictures are transmitted back to one central location. This pioneering scheme goes on to become a benchmark for such technology.
1998 Vidionics is awarded a unique contract in London for LIFFE. The contract provided true monitoring of staff through CCTV and Access Control.
2003 Vidionics celebrates 30 years in the business.
2008 Vidionics takes government buildings to the latest IP technology.
2013 Vidionics is one of the market leaders in the public sector.
Also we celebrate 40 years in business.
2018 Vidionics celebrates 45 years in the business.
2024 Vidionics celebrates 50 years in the business.

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