After Care

24 Hour, 7 Day support is provided by our service division. We employ engineers dedicated to providing support around the clock. Ready to go and awaiting your phone call if things go wrong.

3rd Party Support

Whilst the main part of our business is in providing service and maintenance support. We can also offer a variety of associated services including systems upgrades and additions, installations and pre-builds, commissioning, and equipment repairs.

Security System Provider After Care High Wycombe

The importance of Preventative Visits

Working on the principle that "Prevention is better than cure". Routine site visits are essential for the long-term reliability of electronic-based systems. Cleaning, checking and re-adjusting equipment helps avoid system failures and is cost-effective by minimizing emergency call-outs.

24 Hour Emergency Fault Programme

Breakdowns can be due to equipment failures, operator errors, intruders, vandalism or numerous other unforeseen circumstances. Vidionics has a team of expertly trained. Our emergency response engineers are on call 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

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